New Icom 144/430MHz band 50W FM transceiver IC-208D From Japan

New Icom 144/430MHz band 50W FM transceiver IC-208D From Japan

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Weight: 3000g


Item Description

Brand: Icom

Frequency range 144MHz ~ 146MHz, 430MHz ~ 440MHz (send / receive warranty coverage)
Receive operating range 118.000MHz ~ 173.995MHz, 230.000MHz ~ 252.895MHz,
255.100MHz ~ 261.895MHz, 266.100MHz ~ 270.895MHz,
275.100MHz ~ 379.895MHz, 382.100MHz ~ 411.895MHz,
415.100MHz ~ 549.995MHz, 834.100MHz ~ 859.890MHz,
889.100MHz ~ 914.890MHz, 960.100MHz ~ 999.990MHz
Types of radio wave F3E, F2D
Memory channel number 500ch (usually memory)
Antenna impedance 50Ω (unbalanced)
Antenna terminal M-type (1 system)
Power supply voltage DC13.8V ± 15%
Grounding scheme minus ground
Quiescent current
When the standby reception
Maximum reception
0.8A maximum transmission
IC-208 7.5A (144/430MHz band)
IC-208D 11.5A (144/430MHz band)
-10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃ operating temperature range
(-10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃) ± 10ppm frequency stability within
(Excluding protrusions) 141 (W) × 40 (H) × 185.4 (D) mm Dimensions (main body)
111 (W) × 40 (H) × 38.5 (D) mm (controller part)
About 1.2kg weight (body part)

Transmission output IC-208 20/10/2W
IC-208D 50/15/5W
Modulation scheme reactance modulation
Maximum frequency deviation ± 5kHz
Spurious emission intensity-60dB or less
Microphone impedance 600Ω

Receiving system Double super-heterodyne system
Intermediate frequency 1st 46.05MHz
2nd 450kHz
Receiving sensitivity (amateur band)
Sensitivity of broadband reception unit
(I except the amateur band)
(FM mode, 12dB SINAD, TYP value)-15dBμ below (12dB SINAD)
118.000MHz ~ 173.995MHz-15dBμ
230.000MHz ~ 299.995MHz-10dBμ
300.000MHz ~ 499.995MHz-13dBμ
500.000MHz ~ 549.995MHz-10dBμ
810.000MHz ~ 999.990MHz-7dBμ
Squelch sensitivity (amateur band)-18dBμ below (Threshold)
Selectivity 12kHz or more /-6dB 30kHz or less /-60dB
Spurious interference ratio 60dB or more
(8Ω load, strain rate at 10%) low-frequency output 2.0W or more
Low-frequency load impedance 8Ω