SHARP humidification filter (KC-W80/65/45 for) FZ-C100MF

SHARP humidification filter (KC-W80/65/45 for) FZ-C100MF

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Weight: 500g


Item Description

Manufacturer's part number: FZ-C100MF

Applicable model: KC-W80/65/45, KC-C150/100/70

The aim of the exchange: about 2 years

Brand: Sharp
◆ Sharp humidified air cleaner replacement filters for ◆ rotor system humidification filter ◆ Estimated replacement: about 2 years / ※ support model ※ KC-65E5, KC-C100, KC-C150, KC-C70, KC-W45, KC-W65, confirms it on and is different from exchange time and location by using time ★ Please order the KC-W80 / ★ compatible models