LCR meter DE-5000 Test Leads TL-21

LCR meter DE-5000 Test Leads TL-21

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Item Description

Mail order code M-06325
Release Date 2012/12/07
Manufacturer category DER EE Electrical Instrument Co., Ltd
It is a genuine test leads LCR meter DE-5000 for Taiwan DER-EE's.
It allows four-terminal Kelvin connection measurement of large components.
One-touch measurement attached to the terminal part of the DE-5000 body.

◆ Main Specifications
One-touch detachable system, guard banana jack with
· (Connection with the instrument body gold-plated finish) 4-wire Kelvin connection
Cable: about 45 mm in length, two 2-core shielded wire ×
Measurement Furobu: alligator clip Red: positive (+) pole / black :-( minus) pole
And opening interval of the clip tip: about 6 mm
· The end of the measurement terminals (+ / - each pole): clip base