New ICOM IC-7300 HF + 50MHz SSB / CW / RTTY / AM / FM 100W transceiver [IC-7300]

New ICOM IC-7300 HF + 50MHz SSB / CW / RTTY / AM / FM 100W transceiver [IC-7300]

Our Selling Price: US$1,199.97(tax incl.)

Weight: 90000g


Item Description

Like frequency range reception frequency

30kHz ~ 74.800MHz

500kHz ~ 29.9999MHz
50.000MHz ~ 54.000MHz

Transmit frequency
1.810MHz ~ 1.825MHz
1.9075MHz ~ 1.9125MHz
3.500MHz ~ 3.575MHz
3.599MHz ~ 3.612MHz
3.680MHz ~ 3.687MHz
3.702MHz ~ 3.716MHz
3.745MHz ~ 3.770MHz
3.791MHz ~ 3.805MHz
7.000MHz ~ 7.200MHz
10.100MHz ~ 10.150MHz
14.000MHz ~ 14.350MHz
18.068MHz ~ 18.168MHz
21.000MHz ~ 21.450MHz
24.890MHz ~ 24.990MHz
28.000MHz ~ 29.700MHz
50.000MHz ~ 54.000MHz
Memory channel number 101ch (split 99ch + scan edge 2ch)
Antenna impedance 50Ω (unbalanced)
Antenna terminal M type 1 system
The power supply voltage DC13.8V ± 15%
Grounding scheme negative ground
Current consumption when receiving /0.9A (typ)
When receiving the maximum output /1.25A
The time of transmission (at the time of 100W) /21.0A
Operating temperature range -10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
Within frequency stability ± 0.5ppm (-10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃)
Frequency resolution minimum 1Hz
Dimensions 240 (W) × 94 (H) × 238 (D) mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight about 4.2kg (without options)
Part transmission output SSB / CW / RTTY / FM: 100W ~ 2W
AM: 25W ~ 1W
Modulation scheme SSB: math-type balanced modulation
AM: math-type low-power modulation
FM: math type reactance modulation
Spurious emission intensity
1.8 ~ 28MHz: -50dB below
50MHz band: -63dB below

1.8 ~ 28MHz: -40dB below
50MHz band: -60dB below
Carrier suppression ratio of 50dB or more
Unwanted sideband suppression ratio 50dB or more
Impedance 600Ω
Department receiving scheme direct sampling superheterodyne
Intermediate frequency 36kHz
Receiver sensitivity (TYP)
SSB / CW (BW = 2.4kHz) (at the time 10dB S / N)
1.8MHz ~ 29.995MHz: -16dBμ (0.16μV) (during the pre-amplifier 1 ON)
50MHz band: -18dBμ (0.13μV) (when the preamplifier 2 ON)

AM (BW = 6kHz) (at the time 10dB S / N)
0.5MHz ~ 1.8MHz: + 22dBμ (12.6μV) (during the pre-amplifier 1 ON)
1.8MHz ~ 29.995MHz: + 6dBμ (2.0μV) (during the pre-amplifier 1 ON)
50MHz band: 0dBμ (1.0μV) (when the preamplifier 2 ON)

FM (BW = 15kHz) (when 12dB SINAD)
28.0MHz ~ 29.7MHz: -6dBμ (0.50μV) (during the pre-amplifier 1 ON)
50MHz band: -12dBμ (0.25μV) (when the preamplifier 2 ON)
Squelch sensitivity
(Threshold) SSB + 15dBμ (5.6μV) below
FM -10dBμ (0.3μV) below
(At the time of the HF band / preamplifier 1 ON, when the 50MHz band / preamplifier 2 ON)
Selectivity (TYP) SHARP when SSB (BW = 2.4kHz)
2.4kHz or more / -6dB
3.4kHz below / -40dB

CW (BW = 500Hz)
500Hz or more / -6dB
700Hz below / -40dB

RTTY (BW = 500Hz)
500Hz or more / -6dB
800Hz below / -40dB

AM (BW = 6kHz)
6.0kHz or more / -6dB
10kHz following / -40dB

FM (BW = 15kHz)
12.0kHz or more / -6dB
22kHz following / -40dB
Spurious interference ratio HF band / 70dB or more, 50MHz band / 70dB or more (excluding the ADC aliasing component)
Low-frequency output 2.5W or more (8Ω load, 1kHz, when 10% distortion)
Low-frequency load impedance 8Ω