Auto range digital multi tester DE-200A

Auto range digital multi tester DE-200A

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Item Description

Auto range digital multi tester DE-200A (Japanese explanation memo)
Mail order code M-00568
Release Date 2004/03/22
Manufacturer category DER EE Electrical Instrument Co., Ltd
Handy type auto-range digital multi tester and affordable (multimeter)

= Key Features =
◆ 1999 liquid crystal display
◆ display function of the unit of measurement
Because can be found in two of the liquid crystal display and the position of the switching knob
Sense of security is different in comparison with the tester to display only numbers!
It is recommended for those who testers and ... and do not see the unit after all.
◆ data hold function

◆ ease of use is different ACV / DCV frequently used are independent!
Supplementary explanation
The measurement smooth, you will need to be in a position to range to be used often independent. tester ACV / DCV is in combination will be able to press a button every time to either. It is a trifle, but this difference is big. It leads to a reduction in careless mistake by getting used to operation. DCV and ACV is split in auto-range tester handheld This is the only DE-200A. Was ease of use of real, DE-200A It is one of the recommended.
◆ Auto power off
◆ hFE function of the transistor

◆ LED check function
◆ 10A current range equipped (10A fuse with a range)
It does not cut corners is an important point, for normal fuse, too. I can prevent with minimal damage by measuring the voltage inadvertently in 10A range, so the fuse is blown even when that! "Oops". Additional Information: the fuse for a large current is omitted is often low-cost tester, I will prevent accidents shunt and pattern of the board has expired. It can not be recovered normally.
◆ I am easy to get in x2 AAA batteries power.
I recommend manganese battery in a consideration of the corrosion of the battery If you do not use very often. Let's exchange on a regular basis about once a year as a guide even if you are not currently using.
◆ (enter the class of light in this class) lightness of 140g
◆ Japanese manufacturer's instructions issue is attached.

10A range fuse

Main Specifications
◆ measurement function:
AC voltage, DC voltage, AC current, DC current, resistance,
Diode, continuity check, LED check,
Transistor hFE
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◆ Power: x2 AAA batteries (included)
◆ Size: Approximately 138 (L) x70 (W) x32 (H) mm (the size of the body only)
◆ Weight: 140g
※ diode: VF0.999V following

Set contents: The main body / tester read / cap / AAA battery x2 book