New ACROLINK 7N-P4030II Power Cable 1 meter From Japan

New ACROLINK 7N-P4030II Power Cable 1 meter From Japan

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Weight: 500g


Item Description

Red × 1, black × 1) 100 ground twist this DUCC Stressfree7N Cu 0.26φ ×:: Conductor: hot / cold and twisted 100 4N5 this ultra soft copper wire 0.26φ × (green × 1)

Cable outer diameter: 14.0φmm

Insulator: high molecular polyolefin resin sheath: the inner sheath: polyolefin polymer + tungsten powder + amorphous outer sheath: high molecular polyolefin resin (black) Shield: copper foil tape

Brand: Acro link
DUCC 7N Cu: audio cable for high-purity copper conductor with Mitsubishi Cable Industries Development Co., Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper align the direction of the crystal lattice to win, grown largely up to several ten times or more than that of the pure copper general grain It is the material was. (Boundary surface of the crystal and the crystal) crystal grain boundary is reduced larger, the benefits of sound quality on is large grain, but there was a need to align this too There is a specific orientation for the crystal of the metal. X