FT-450DM HF/50MHz 50W transceiver type YAESU

FT-450DM HF/50MHz 50W transceiver type YAESU

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Item Description

[General ratings]
Sending and receiving frequency range: Receive 30kHz - 33.000MHz/33.000MHz - 56.000MHz
4630kHz and amateur band of transmission 1.9MHz band? 50MHz band
Frequency step:
Main dial SSB / CW 10Hz
AM / FM 100Hz
DSP / SEL dial SSB / CW 1kHz/2.5kHz/5kHz
AM: 2.5kHz/5kHz/9kHz/10kHz/12.5kHz/25KHz
FM: 5kHz/6.25kHz/10kHz/12.5kHz/15kHz/20kHz/25kHz/50kHz
Types of radio wave: A1A (CW), J3E (SSB: LSB / USB), A3E (AM), F3E (FM)
Antenna impedance: unbalanced 50Ω (M type plug connection)
(16.5 ~ 150Ω built-in antenna tuner is used)
10% negative ground DC 13.8V ±: Power supply: external power supply rated voltage
Current consumption:
1.5A following reception at rated output
About 10A 10W/20W model maximum transmission at rated output
About 14A 50W model maximum
About 22A 100W model maximum
Operating temperature range: -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
For 60 minutes after warm-up: Frequency stability (25 ℃) ± 1ppm within
I do not include a (W) × 84 (H) × 217 (D) mm projection Dimensions 229
About 4.0kg weight

[Transmit part]
Rated transmission output:
(ANT tuner off)
FT-450 FT-450M FT-450S
SSB / CW / FM 100W 50W 10W
AM 25W 12.5W 2.5/5W
Modulation scheme: J3E (SSB) math formula balanced modulation
A3E (AM) math formula low-level modulation
F3E (FM) math formula frequency modulation
FM maximum frequency deviation: ± 2.5kHz (Narrow) / ± 5.0kHz (Wide)
Spurious Emission intensity:
HF band harmonic-60dB or less
Other-60dB or less
50MHz band harmonic-70dB or less
Other-70dB or less
Carrier suppression ratio (SSB): 60 dB or more
Unwanted sideband suppression ratio (SSB): 60 dB or more
Microphone impedance: 600Ω (? 200 10kΩ available)
Within-6dB at 400 2600Hz J3E:? Send Overall frequency response
Occupied frequency bandwidth: A1A (CW): 0.5kHz within
J3E (SSB): 3.0kHz within
A3E (AM): 6.0kHz within
F3E (FM): 16.0kHz within

[Part] reception
Receiving system: Double conversion superheterodyne
Intermediate frequency: No. 1 67.899 MHz
Chapter 2 24 kHz
Receiving sensitivity
(IPO off, ATT off): (10 dB at SSB / CW / AM = S / N, 12 dB at FM = SINAD)
(S / N 10dB) AM
(S / N 10dB) FM
(SINAD 12dB)
1.8 ~ 2.0 MHz 0.25μV following 2μV following -
3.5 ~ 30 MHz 0.25μV following 2μV following 0.5μV following
(FM is 29MHz band)
50 ~ 54 MHz 0.2μV following 1μV below 035μV or less
Squelch open sensitivity
(IPO off, ATT off):
1.8 ~ 30 MHz 2.5μV following 0.32μV following
(FM is 29MHz band)
50 ~ 54 MHz 1μV following 0.16μV following
Image Rejection: 80dB or more
Intermediate frequency interference ratio: 80dB or more (HF)
SSB / CW 2.2kHz 4.5kHz or more or less
CW-N 500Hz 2.0KHz or more or less
AM 6kHz 20kHz or more or less
FM 15kHz 30kHz or more or less
FM-N 9kHz 25kHz or more or less
(THD10% at @ 4Ω) 2.2W: more than low-frequency output
Low-frequency output impedance: 4Ω ~ 16Ω (8Ω Standard)
4000 μμW following: the strength of the radio waves emitted in such secondary